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Fr. James Buckley, Purgatory »

One of the most offensive Catholic doctrines to Protestants, Purgatory will be explained by Father James Buckley.
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Apologetics, Bible, Deacons John Beckmann and James Russell, Family & Marriage, General, History of Scripture, Holy Communion, Infant Baptism, Matrimony, Purgatory, Salvation, Sin, Women Priests »

TOPICS COVERED: A show about the many topics that may be a source of confusion among Catholics, Divorce and the sacraments, Holy Communion and its effect on mortal sin, Must there be two Godparents for a baptism, Can Catholic priests be marries, Will there ever be women Catholic priests, Who authors the bible, Church teaching on purgatory and limbo, etc.
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Apologetics, Heaven, Hell, History of Scripture, Paul Thigpen, Purgatory, Salvation, Sin »

TOPICS COVERED: Church teaching on the existence of hell, Implications of the reality of sin, Different kinds of sins like intellect and passions, Degrees of glory in heaven, Degrees of punishment in hell, Scriptural support regarding hell and its levels.
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