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Homosexuality, Sin »

Join Father John Harvey in discussing the Church and Biblical teaching on homosexuality: Hating the sin, but not the sinner. Father will explain how to love the sinner.
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Douglas Bushman, Jesus, Salvation, Sin »

It was 2000 years ago that Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins on the cross. How is Jesus working for you today? Douglas Bushman has that answer for you.
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Apologetics, Bible, Bible Studies, General, Infant Baptism, Sin »

How to defend the Church’s teachings regarding Infant Baptism and Original Sin from the Bible.
Infant Baptism and Original Sin

Bible, Confession, Culture, Education, Faith & Morals, Fr. Vincent Serpa, Prayer, Readings, Salvation, Sin »

Topics Covered: Pornography and its prevalence in our culture today, How to protect one’s self from its reach, What can people do to strengthen themselves spiritually from temptation.
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Apologetics, Bible, Bible Studies, General, Patrick Madrid, Prayer, Prayers, Readings, Salvation, Sin, Speakers »

Topics Covered: How scripture can help in day-to-day life, Using Scripture in ones prayer life.
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Fr. Larry Richards, General, Sin »

Topics Covered: Description of the seven deadly sins, Why they are called “deadly”, Pride, Avarice (greed), Envy, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, A discussion of the virtues we can cultivate that counter the seven deadly sins.
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Apologetics, Bible, Deacons John Beckmann and James Russell, Family & Marriage, General, History of Scripture, Holy Communion, Infant Baptism, Matrimony, Purgatory, Salvation, Sin, Women Priests »

TOPICS COVERED: A show about the many topics that may be a source of confusion among Catholics, Divorce and the sacraments, Holy Communion and its effect on mortal sin, Must there be two Godparents for a baptism, Can Catholic priests be marries, Will there ever be women Catholic priests, Who authors the bible, Church teaching on purgatory and limbo, etc.
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Apologetics, Heaven, Hell, History of Scripture, Paul Thigpen, Purgatory, Salvation, Sin »

TOPICS COVERED: Church teaching on the existence of hell, Implications of the reality of sin, Different kinds of sins like intellect and passions, Degrees of glory in heaven, Degrees of punishment in hell, Scriptural support regarding hell and its levels.
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Evil, Faith & Morals, Sharon Lee Giganti, Sin »

TOPICS COVERED: The new age movement and the book “A New Earth”, Discussion of the most toxic elements of a new earth philosophy, the transformation of human character from good to evil, New Age and de-individualization, New Age and de-humanization, New Age and a lack of supervision or absence of superiors, New Age and altered statees of consciousness, New Age and an artificial extended present moment, New Age and the cessation of judging or evaluating, New Age and the normalizing of taboos.
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Abortion, Exorcism, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, Pro-Life, Sin »

Since taking office at HLI, Fr. Euteneuer has spoken to thousands of people all over the world spreading the Gospel of Life as well as making many appearances on EWTN and other local, national and international media. He has been featured in Human Events and National Catholic Register and has recently been awarded the John Cardinal O’Connor Award for Life from Legatus.
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