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Bible, Eucharistic, Rosalind Moss »

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Bible, Confession, Culture, Education, Faith & Morals, Fr. Vincent Serpa, Prayer, Readings, Salvation, Sin »

Topics Covered: Pornography and its prevalence in our culture today, How to protect one’s self from its reach, What can people do to strengthen themselves spiritually from temptation.
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Bible, Bible Studies, History of Scripture, Meditations, Patrick Madrid, Prayer, Prayers, Readings »

Topics Covered: How scripture can help in day-to-day life, Using Scripture in ones prayer life.
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Bible Studies, Devotions, Eucharistic, Fr. Robert Spitzer, Meditations, Prayers, Readings, Rosary, Salvation, Spiritual Growth »

Topics Covered: Discussion of five essentials for a deeper spiritual life, The need for both active and contemplative means to achieve closeness and depth with God, Tips for the typically busy person to help them on a daily basis to sustain a productive prayer life and relationship with God, The Holy Eucharist as the first of the five Pillars for attaining inner peace and spiritual consolation.
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Apparition - Miracle, Church Documents, Culture, Faith & Morals, History of Scripture, Myths, Sharon Lee Giganti »

Sharon’s eye-witness testimony reveals the hazardous aspects of recent New Thought block-busters such as, “The Secret”, “A Course in Miracles” and Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”— and, in doing so, actually reinforces the saving Truths of our Catholic Faith.
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Education, History, History of Scripture »

BIOGRAPHY: Matthew Bunson, D.M. serves as general editor of Our Sunday Visitor’s Catholic Almanac and is the author or co-author of many books, including The Encyclopedia of Catholic History and The Encyclopedia of Saints. His most recent book is We Have a Pope! Benedict XVI. A senior fellow of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology (founded by Dr. Scott Hahn), Bunson also writes a column on Church history for THIS ROCK Magazine, published by Catholic Answers. He has a B.A. in history, two masters degrees with specializations in theology …

Apologetics, Bible, Bible Studies, John Martignoni, Readings »

BIOGRAPHY: John Martignoni is founder and president of the Bible Christian Society, an apostolate dedicated to explaining and defending the Scriptural foundations of the Catholic faith. He presents talks around the country and hosts EWTN’s “Open Line” program every Monday at 3 Eastern, Noon Pacific. He lives with his wife and four children in Birmingham, Alabama.
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Bible Studies, Church Documents, Education, General, History, Kevin Vost, Readings, Theology Of The Body »

TOPICS COVERED: Catholic aspect of memory techniques, The great theologians who developed many of the techniques.
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Bible, Faith & Morals, Family & Marriage, Marian Hammeren, Parenting, Prayer, Prayers, Readings, Spiritual Growth, Suffering (, The 4 Last Things »

TOPICS COVERED: Setting one’s family on a path back to practicing their Catholic faith, Through the death of her only child, she found her way back to her faith, Struggling with the loss of a loved one, Discovering what’s important in one’s life through tragedy, Losing one’s child through the shooting at Virgina Tech.
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