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Homosexuality, Sin »

Join Father John Harvey in discussing the Church and Biblical teaching on homosexuality: Hating the sin, but not the sinner. Father will explain how to love the sinner.
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Douglas Bushman, Jesus, Salvation, Sin »

It was 2000 years ago that Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins on the cross. How is Jesus working for you today? Douglas Bushman has that answer for you.
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Culture, Kimberly Hahn, Virtues, Vocations »

Kimberly Hahn is a wonderful Catholic convert who loves the faith and loves the teachings of the Catholic Church on openess to life. In this Catholic Answers Live program she tells you why it is important that a Catholic be open to life always, for not only is it a teaching of the Church, but it will open one more to the love of Christ Jesus. Listen and find out what else she has to say.
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Education, Faith & Morals, Fr. Benedict Groeschel »

Host Mark Nehrbas talks with Fr. Benedict Groeschel in this 10/13/07 episode of Spirit and Life Franciscan Conferences Podcast. Fr. Groeschel talks about extreme worldliness, consumerism and a directory he is working on of authentic Catholic colleges.  (Click to Listen, Right Click to Download)
The World, Faith & Catholic Higher Education

Church Documents, Faith & Morals, Pope Benedict XVI, Popes »

From Boston Catholic Journal, listen to Pope Benedict XVI ’s Encyclical Saved in Hope , “Spe Salvi”.
Introduction: Parts 1-2 *  Part 3 *  Part 4 *  Part 5 *  Part 6 *  Part 7 *  Part 8 *  Part 9 *  Part 10 *  Part 11 *  Part 12
Part 13 *  Part 14 *  Part 15 *  Part 16 *  Part 17 *  Part 18 *  Part 19 *  Part 20 *  Part 21 *  Part 22 *  Part 23 *  Part 24
Part 25 *  Part 26 *  Part …

Faith & Morals, Peter Kreeft, Virtues »

“Christ’s Concept of Happiness vs The World’s” by Peter Kreeft – What is the meaning of happiness and how do you get it?  Topics Covered: The Beatitudes, Poor/Wealth, Mourn/Comfort, Meek/Inherit, Hungry/Filled, Merciful/Mercy, Pure/God,
Peacemakers/Sons, Persecuted/Kingdom, Insulted/Rejoice

Faith & Morals, Homosexuality, Peter Kreeft »

“Moral Theology and Homosexuality” by Peter Kreeft. Topics Covered: Distinctions, Sexuality, Third Eye, Image of God, Three
Stories, Three Arguments,
Moral Theology and Homosexuality

Faith & Morals, The 4 Last Things »

The heart’s deepest longing by Peter Kreeft.

Apologetics, Church Documents, Dr. James Saxon, Faith & Morals, General, John Martignoni »

A debate on salvation between John Martignoni and Dr. James Saxon
Debate: Sola Fide (Are We Saved by Faith Alone?)

Faith & Morals, Family & Marriage, Marriage Advice, Mary Beth Bonacci, Virtues »

Why should Catholics practice chastity? Why would anybody want to wait till marriage to have sex? Mary Beth Bonacci tells you all about chastity and real love
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