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From Boston Catholic Journal, listen to Pope Benedict XVI ’s Encyclical Saved in Hope , “Spe Salvi”.
Introduction: Parts 1-2 *  Part 3 *  Part 4 *  Part 5 *  Part 6 *  Part 7 *  Part 8 *  Part 9 *  Part 10 *  Part 11 *  Part 12
Part 13 *  Part 14 *  Part 15 *  Part 16 *  Part 17 *  Part 18 *  Part 19 *  Part 20 *  Part 21 *  Part 22 *  Part 23 *  Part 24
Part 25 *  Part 26 *  Part …

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A debate on salvation between John Martignoni and Dr. James Saxon
Debate: Sola Fide (Are We Saved by Faith Alone?)

Apparition - Miracle, Church Documents, Culture, Faith & Morals, History of Scripture, Myths, Sharon Lee Giganti »

Sharon’s eye-witness testimony reveals the hazardous aspects of recent New Thought block-busters such as, “The Secret”, “A Course in Miracles” and Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”— and, in doing so, actually reinforces the saving Truths of our Catholic Faith.
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TOPICS COVERED: Catholic aspect of memory techniques, The great theologians who developed many of the techniques.
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Church Documents, Culture, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Faith & Morals, Family & Marriage, General, Homosexuality, Marriage Advice »

TOPICS COVERED: Issues concerning family, marriage and ersoanl problems, What is the Catholic perspective regarding same sex marriage, The question of homosexuality being biological, Discussion of causes and treatments of homosexuality.
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Christopher Check, Church Documents, Education, History »

TOPICS COVERED: An overview of the first three centuries of Christianity, Martyrs of that time.
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Anointing of the Sick, Church Documents, Dr. John Brehany, Embryonic Stem Cells, Euthanasia, Faith & Morals, General »

TOPICS COVERED: Definition of ethics, What is the role of Catholic medical ethics, End of life care and ethics, Does the end justify the means, Treating patients in extreme care situations, cloning, stem cell research, vaccinations.
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Topics Covered: The Church as a visible society, The authoritative Church, Biblical support regarding the Church established by Jesus possessed the elements of a visible society.
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Church Documents, General, History, Jesus, Jesus, Mark Brumley, Resurrection »

Topics Covered: Discussion of the new documentary about the historical evidence for Jesus’ resurrection, The meaning of the Resurrection of Jesus for Christianity and its importance, The consequence of affirming Jesus rose from the dead.
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Celibacy, Church Documents, Clergy Issues, Contraception, Culture, Education, Fr. Eric Bergman, History, History of Scripture »

Topics Covered: Discussion of celibacy as a gift to the Church, Doctrine vs. discipline, Contraceptive culture.
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