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Pope Benedict XVI, Popes »

Cardinal Estevez announces the election of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI. Click  Here and search for Habemvs Papam! in the Programs Seach Box.

Church Documents, Faith & Morals, Pope Benedict XVI, Popes »

From Boston Catholic Journal, listen to Pope Benedict XVI ’s Encyclical Saved in Hope , “Spe Salvi”.
Introduction: Parts 1-2 *  Part 3 *  Part 4 *  Part 5 *  Part 6 *  Part 7 *  Part 8 *  Part 9 *  Part 10 *  Part 11 *  Part 12
Part 13 *  Part 14 *  Part 15 *  Part 16 *  Part 17 *  Part 18 *  Part 19 *  Part 20 *  Part 21 *  Part 22 *  Part 23 *  Part 24
Part 25 *  Part 26 *  Part …

Bible, History of Scripture, Popes »

Biblical support for Pope and Apostolic Authority
Apostolic Authority and the Pope

Bible, History of Scripture, Mark Brumley, Pope John Paul II, Popes, Readings »

Noted Catholic convert and apologist, Mark Brumley discuss the vision of the Holy Father for renewal within the Church and how it is to be achieved.
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History, Matthew Bunson, Popes »

Topics Covered: Popes that have been honored with the the title “Great”,
What one must do to be honored with the title Great.
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Popes, Robert Lockwood »

Topics Covered: Definition of a Catholic urban legend, The legend of Pope Joan, Sources for this legend and date of its origin, Comparison of 19th Century portrayal of Pope Joan vs. the most recent representation of her, The fundamental flaw in this legend.
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Brennan Pursell, Pope Benedict XVI, Popes »

Topics Covered: Pope Benedict XVI and his Bavarian roots, A review of dozens of interviews with individuals who knew Joseph Ratzinger from his childhood to present.
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Culture, Education, Fr. Michael Giesler, Pope Benedict XVI, Popes »

Topics Covered: What is the guest’s interpretation of Pope Benedict XVI’s statement that we must transform the world from within, The early Christians and their understanding of the mystical Body of Christ, The early Christians being counter-cultural.
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Apologetics, Bible, Bible Studies, History of Scripture, Mary, Pope John Paul II, Popes, Prayer, Prayers, Readings, Rosary, Ted Sri »

Topics covered: Addressing the issues of repetitiveness in the rosary and praying to Mary, Practical insights that John Paul II offers us on how to pray the Rosary, The meaning of the prayer the Hail Mary, The luminous mysteries of the rosary.
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