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Culture, Education, History, Popes, Saints & Angels, Taylor Reed Marshall »

TOPICS COVERED: The Church’s relations with the Jewish people, Many Catholic beliefs and practices have their roots in Judaism and the Old Testament, Similarities of Baptism and the Jewish water rituals in the Old Testament, Comparison of Jewish marriage and Catholic marriage,
Holy days in Judaism and Catholicism – what are some that we celebrate that have their roots in Judaism, Notion of the afterlife – how do the Jewish and Catholic traditions compare, Judaism has a notion of the “righteous ones,” which are similar to Catholic saints.
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Church Documents, Contraception, Culture, Education, Faith & Morals, Family & Marriage, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, General, Popes »

TOPICS COVERED: The encyclical letter of Pope Paul Vi on the transmission of life, What was going on in the world and in the Church in 1968 that prompted the Pope to write this document, How was this encyclical originally received, How do young people today react to Humae Vitae.
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Karlo Broussard, Popes »

BIOGRAPHY: Karlo Broussard is a former speaker for St. Joseph’s Communications, a publishing company of Catholic catechetical and apologetical audio series, based out of West Covina, California. He is a common guest on the #1 Catholic radio program broadcasted on the EWTN Global Catholic Network, “Catholic Answers Live.” He has spoken at conferences with such theologians and evangelist as Deacon Alex Jones, Michael Cumbie, Tim Staples, Jesse Romero, and Dr. Scott Hahn. The biggest conference being the National Family Conference in Anaheim, California put on by St. Joseph Communications & …

Culture, Derry Connolly, Education, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, Popes / Papal Authority, Vocations »

TOPICS COVERED: Two fundamentls in Pope Benedict’s talk to Catholic Educators, Connection between freedom and faith and truth, Continuous issues of academic freedom, Evangelization as the primary mission of the Church, What was meant by the statement that Catholic education is performative rather than informative.
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Early Church Fathers, History, Matthew Bunson, Popes, Speakers, St. Gregory the Great »

Topics Covered: Popes that have been honored with the the title “Great”,
What one must do to be honored with the title Great.
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Benedict Groeschel, Education, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Political, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVI, Popes, Secularism »

Topics Covered: Teachings of Pope Benedict, Pope Benedict’s thoughts on Catholic colleges, Pope Benedict’s meetings with non-Christian leaders.
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Popes, Robert Lockwood »

Topics Covered: Definition of a Catholic urban legend, The legend of Pope Joan, Sources for this legend and date of its origin, Comparison of 19th Century portrayal of Pope Joan vs. the most recent representation of her, The fundamental flaw in this legend.
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Brennan Pursell, Pope Benedict XVI, Popes »

Topics Covered: Pope Benedict XVI and his Bavarian roots, A review of dozens of interviews with individuals who knew Joseph Ratzinger from his childhood to present.
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