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Fr. Joe Roesch, MIC and Bryan Thatcher, EADM along with Cenacle members from around the country discuss The Divine Mercy image, St. Faustina, and the Cenacle Prayer Groups.  They discuss the inner workings of a Cenacle Prayer Group and how focusing on The Divine Mercy image related through St. Faustina and her writings can bring peace and stability to our hectic daily life.  Click HERE and you will find all that is listed below.

1: What is Divine Mercy?
2: Who is St. Faustina?
3: The Divine Mercy Image
4: …

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Topics Covered: Experiencing God’s mercy, Defining God’s Divine Mercy, Divine Mercy sunday, showing God’s mercy to others, Connection between the Divine Mercy devotion and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, St. Faustina and the writings in her diary, Spreading the message of divine Mercy.
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