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Historic Catholic Converts

Fr. Charles Connor discusses historic Catholic converts placing them into their historical context, explaining what made them want to become Catholic.  Click HERE and you will find all listed below.

Elizabeth Bayley Seton

The Oxford Movement

John Henry Newman

Rose Hawthorne Lathrop

Cornelia Peacock Connelly

Ignatius Spenser and Fidelis Kent Stone

Orestes Brownson and I. Hecker

Robert Benson and C. C. Martindale

Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Jacques Maritain Jacques Maritain

Karl Sterne

Converts from British and French Literature

Monsignor Ronald Knox

Dorothy Day

Converts of Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Malcom Muggeridge

Edith Stein: Part I

Edith Stein: Part 2

American and European Converts


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